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With the arrival of your newborn, everything changes. Your old routine disappears, a full night’s sleep becomes a distant memory, you’re full of emotion, and the whole world seems to revolve around your beautiful new family member.

BabyHand takes the pressure off new parents with research-based maternity nursing methods and a gentle touch to help your newborn thrive.

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With a one-off call or longer-term help:

Settle your baby into a healthy routine

Get your whole family the sleep you so desperately need

Support your newborn’s overall health and happiness

“BabyHand believes that newborn gentle care is not just a philosophy, but a set of gentle techniques that can help foster positive relationships between new parents and baby. These methods emphasize the importance of being gentle and respectful towards a newborn’s needs and emotions, recognizing that they are delicate and must be treated with patience and care. By incorporating these practices into their caregiving routine, new PARENTS can help ensure that babies feel safe and secure, and develop a strong sense of trust in those around them”

BabyHand understands the importance of providing utmost care and attention to every baby, recognizing that each one is unique with distinct and individual needs. As such, it is imperative for us to offer a minimum of 24-hour this support is more than just a goal for us; it is a fundamental part of our mission to deliver exceptional care and ensure that every baby has an excellent start in life.


Customer Testimonials

Professional and realiable

My wife and I found Brigitte to be professional and reliable, and, most importantly, very caring towards our twins. She is very experienced in all matters relating to babies.

David, London

Confident traveller

Brigi is a confident traveler, we flew often and she was always calm and helpful and enjoys travelling. She was confident, friendly, has a relaxed energy, and followed direction very well. She was always clean, polished and well presented. In social gatherings, she was confident and polite, engaged and happy.

“Brigi was excellent, we felt supported, respected and like all the other families she has worked for we’ll be booking her for our next baby. We highly recommend her.”

Celeste, London

Maternity Services

I’m writing to highly recommend Brigi as a Maternity Nurse. Her proficiency and empathy shine through every task she undertakes with a new born. Her experience and insights into the life of a mother have been invaluable. Her caring nature and reliability made us feel truly looked after. Without doubt she is one of the best Maternity Nurse one could get.

Alice Christchurch NZ

Feeding Support

I am happy to inform you that our trusted Maternity Nurse Brigi, has returned to assist us with the arrival of our second baby. Brigi was invaluable during our first pregnancy and we have complete confidence she will be again.

With Brigi by our side during our first child’s early years, we were able to navigate sleepless nights, feeding schedules, and all the other challenges that come with a new baby. Her experience, compassion, and attention to detail made all the difference. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her once again and know that she will be an incredible asset to us during this exciting time.



Amy Christchurch NZ

Doula support

Brigi’s Doula Support Service focuses specifically on second-time mothers who may have unique concerns and challenges. Her personalized approach means that each mother receives individualized attention and care tailored to her unique needs. From prenatal visits to postpartum support, Brigi is a trusted and reliable source of information, guidance, and comfort to ensure a smooth and positive birth experience.

She also provides breastfeeding education and support, baby care techniques, and valuable resources for new parents.

In conclusion, Brigi’s Doula Support Service is an excellent choice for expectant mothers seeking personalized care and support during their childbirth journey.


Rebecca Christchurch NZ

Traveling Support

Brigi is an excellent resource for new parents who want to make travelling with a new born a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. Through their online platform, they offer expert advice, innovative products, and a supportive community, all geared towards making life easier for new parents.

Veronika Sydney AU

Sleep Support

I highly recommend Brigi and her services to any parents looking for support with their child’s sleep. She’s a consummate professional, caring, and has the right skills and experience to make a positive difference in a baby’s sleeping habits. I have no doubt that you’ll find her services invaluable.

Fionna Christchurch NZ

Twins support

Brigi’s 24-hour maternity booking support was a godsend for our family as we welcomed our new members. With twins and special needs, her expertise and care went above and beyond. Her 12-week commitment allowed us to focus on bonding with our babies, while she handled all the necessary care and support. We are grateful for her dedication and highly recommend her services to anyone in need of maternal support.

Octavia and Tom London

Mary Poppins

“Brigi arrived when our baby was only four weeks old and what a Mary Poppins she was, gently settling in and setting up some lovely routines instantly.
Brigi’s competentance, confidence and understanding, coupled with Brigi’s maternity knowledge which knows no bounds and her great love for all things maternity really sparkled from the first day.
A truly first-class maternity nanny, there is nothing Brigi has not seen or encountered before and that is highly reassuring to new-born parents. “
Francesca Christchurch NZ